Labradorite and Turquoise crochet necklace with a NZ Deer Antler and Copper pendant.


This necklace is hand crocheted with labradorite and turquoise beads and suspended with a NZ deer antler pendant and a crystal stopper. The drop is 40 cm in length. 

NZ Deer Antler: said to provide guidance with difficult decisions. Promotes tranquility and peace.

Labradorite: said to recharge energy levels, dissipate negativity, balance and protect the aura. Believed to enhance intuition.

Turquoise: believed to foster friendships. Bring protection from negative energy and said to attract good fortune to its wearer.

Copper: believed to amplify and transmit healing energy. An aid in combating fatigue, lethargy, restlessness, arthritis and protection for the wearer.

A talisman from nature made for you.

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